"Everything's much too much!" at the MBA Neumünster

From the 20th to 23rd of May the SWN recycling center will again say "Everything's much too much!" The MBA Neumünster and Stadtwerke Entsorgung GmbH have invited the third and fourth elementary school classes from Neumünster and the surrounding area to a participatory theater piece. It's about the "Toller-Neuer-Besser-Wahn", a meaningful use of media and friendship. 25 school classes with a total of around 580 students have registered for the eight performances.

Actress Irene Schlump from Bochum takes on the role of the eighth-grader Stefanie, who thinks about consumption, resources and recycling. Staggering between indignation, enthusiasm and desperation, "Steff" makes the audience their new classmates and takes them on a journey through their thoughts. She also has her bizarre teacher to speak, which enlightens with great commitment and ingenuity about the value of electronic devices.  "Anyone who understands the environment as a child will be more cautious with natural resources as an adult! This is our incentive for our annual Environmental Theater Days, "says Angelika Schiffer, responsible for Public Relations at the SWN Recycling Center. "Well over 7100 students have participated in the performances over the last 12 years."