Climate Protection

According to the German law waste has to be treated. Only ashes, bed ash, excavated soil, rocks, rubble and shards can be landfilled in Germany today. The aim is to reduce the consumption of space taken up by landfills and to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Household waste landfills emit methane, a non-odorous gas that adds 20 times more to the greenhouse effect and the global warming than the same amount of CO2. Only about 60 % of the methane emissions of a modern landfill can be absorbed and used for energy production. The rest still goes into the atmosphere and adds to the greenhouse effect.

Almost nobody denies today that a global warming takes place. But through our behavior we still have an influence on how much the temperatures will rise. The production of refuse derived fuel and its use for energy production in combined heat and power plants is one step towards the protection of our climate.