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Mitarbeiterbild von Dr. Norbert Bruhn-Lobin

Dr. Norbert Bruhn-Lobin

Chief Executive Officer (Speaker)

+49 4321 202-820

Mitarbeiterbild von Dr. Dietmar Schneider

Dr. Dietmar Schneider

Chief Executive Officer

+49 4321 202-1282

Mitarbeiterbild von Wolfgang Bublitz

Wolfgang Bublitz

Facility Manager

+49 4321 202-1233

Mitarbeiterbild von Angelika Schiffer

Angelika Schiffer

Public Relations

+49 4321 202-834

Mitarbeiterbild von Jörg Rung

Jörg Rung

Authorized Agent / Head of Vehicle Fleet

+49 4321 202-1234

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MBA Neumünster is located in the center of Schleswig-Holstein, the most northern federal state of Germany.